Stress-free Relocation from a Reputable International Moving Company in Dubai

International Moving Companies

Dubai is one of the popular options for expatriates looking for a place where they can settle for a long time, or even permanently. It offers high quality of living, diverse career options, excellent education system, and world-class healthcare and public infrastructure. Aside from that, it features internationally renowned historical and man-made attractions that never fail to impress both tourists and residents alike.

With a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, Dubai and the rest of UAE offer all the necessary ingredients for a good and balanced modern life for you and your entire family. If you are planning to live in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, Partner Movers is one of the foremost international moving companies in Dubai that can help you start your life in a new country with ease and efficiency.

What sets us apart from other international moving companies in Dubai and UAE

The Partner Movers team possesses deep knowledge of the industry, having catered to various corporate, private and government customers in all seven emirates in the UAE. Whether you are coming from another country to the UAE, or moving from UAE to overseas, our team of international movers can help you complete your relocation in a simple and organized manner.

We make the process easier and more efficient by providing customers with a single point of contact, from the start until the end. This facilitates clear communication between us and customers, ensuring all customer instructions are noted and implemented. We’ll take note of your desired schedule, all paperwork needed, budget and transport, and all particular details. You can also rely on us to make a tailored step-by-step plan for your move to ensure timely and seamless execution.

Our team can manage the packing and unpacking of all your belongings, so you can focus on other aspects of your international move, such as finding a new school for your child or renovating your new home. No need to worry about transporting breakable items because our team will make sure these are securely packaged and carefully loaded, transported and delivered to your new address.

For heavy furniture and equipment, our personnel have the skills needed to expertly dismantle these bulky items for easier transport. We will make sure these are reassembled or installed at your new place, so you don’t need to sweat putting them back together.

Relocating internationally is exciting and challenging at the same time. Let us make the complete process more manageable for you. With our international moving services, having a smooth and hassle-free moving experience is definitely possible!

International relocation made easy, simple and affordable!

We provide some of the most competitive rates for moving services in and out of the country. To know the total cost of your move, please fill out this online form and request an instant quote. Our staff will quickly get back to you with a detailed estimate that covers all your needs.

We offer insurance coverage for both domestic and international moving, subject to certain terms and conditions. For more information on our moving services or storage and warehousing solutions, contact us through telephone (04 8842552), mobile (055 9180244) or email (